Want to know how much of your ad people actually see? Now you can measure it.

Buying eyeballs?

How much time do consumers actually spend looking at my ad? As an advertiser, you’ve no doubt often wondered. But how can you actually know how much viewing time your ads actually get? That has simply not been possible. Until now, that is.

Together with the research teams at Profacts and Lumen, Brightfish has come up with a way of measuring actual views accurately across a wide variety of media. By using a unique combination of data sets and eye-tracking, it’s now perfectly possible to see whether someone is really looking at a screen. And for how long. With crystal clear statistical data as a result.

Numbers & conclusions


Cinema ads receive 85% attention

The results are literally eye-catching! In the case of online advertisements, a mere 1.4% of them are, on average, actually viewed. TV fairs a little better, ringing in at 23.1%. Cinema, however, leaps out with a massive 85%. All without distracting our gaze. And we have some more yielding statistics that cannot be overlooked. You can download the research right here.


Get a lot more effective attention/euro

Of course cinemagoers watch more attentively – we hear you thinking – in the dark, from their comfortable seats, etc. But it costs me a lot more as an advertiser.

But that is far from the truth! When expressed in terms of actual attention per euro, cinema is actually a lot more cost-effective. Per 1000 contacts at the cinema, 1 second of actual attention costs €2.60. On TV, the amount rises to €3.10 and online up to as much as €62.60!

We call it “attention CPM” or aCPM. The cost of 1 second of actual attention per 1000 contacts. Something we explain in detail in our white paper.

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